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My Day Job
My Day Job

I am a single person with my kids or other responsibilities that I am aware of. Do not think that I find this to an amazing; I am just venting as to my current situation. Sometimes I worry about my life, but I am grateful that I have a job that can at least pay my bills. I want to have more cashflow in my life and want to get myself to a better station in my life, which is to have ultimate cashflow to take me away from my 11 hour days. Currently I drive myself from Bakersfield to Paso Robles for these wine tours. I go from Orange County to Las Vegas for these birthday parties and Las Vegas trips.

All this piqued my interest when I carried a millionaire from Bakersfield to Las Vegas for a business trip of his. He OWNED the casino I was taking him to; actually, he was a part-owner of the casino. I also saw a beautiful wife with five children in the limo with him. Upon asking him what he was doing, he told me that he was actually a limo driver in his early past. When he was eighteen, he was a limo driver, making excessive money (as much as $200/hour in some cases), because he was servicing millionaires. The millionaires had money to spend to give me, and although I would have stayed at a job like that. He really intrigued me when he said that he was not interested in the money like that. Obviously, he was getting paid well, but if he was able to get a good amount of money from millionaires, IMAGINE HOW MUCH MONEY THE MILLIONAIRES HAD (I know it is millions). His mind got tinkering, and he wondered whether it was possible to imagine a reality where he was the one riding in the limo, making millions and giving $100 tips to limo drivers, with a successful wife and children.

He told me how he wanted to be the guy that owned the casino and to not have to worry about some $200 payday; that was real freedom to him. With a stroke of guts, he asked the millionaire to mentor him. With nothing but a stroke of good luck, the millionaire asked for the nothing but an $800 down payment for him to have a day of mentoring. With no hesitation, he said, “Of course!”. With a smile, the millionaire looked at his wife, and she smiled. He said something that changed his life forever, and it changed mine. The millionaire said, “Keep your money. It was not the money I wanted; I wanted to see your desire and your hesitation, if you had him. If you were hesitant about $800 as opposed to your potential, I would not have wanted to take you, because you would have given up on yourself. Since you have the drive and determination to shell $800, which I know is a lot for you, I can see you will push through your current situation to achieve your dreams. Let’s go.”

Fast forward ten years, the millionaire is no more driving limos and owning limos. From owning limos to owning casinos, the millionaire made a new life for himself. All it cost him was $800, which is nothing compared to his potential. Read more if these material interests you…